Instructions for hosting your own Living Room Money Bomb

The American Policy Center (APC) needs to raise a significant amount of money to fund an aggressive new plan to stop Agenda 21. What APC is planning has never been done before in this movement and will change this fight like nothing else will.

First, I ask that you watch the video at the top of this page especially to see the details of my Stop Agenda 21 project and how it is designed to organize an effective force to fight back.

Second, if you agree with me, that this plan will be the most effective effort ever undertaken to stop Agenda 21, then I have a vital task to ask you to undertake. As you can see, the budget for the Stop Agenda 21 Project is $500,000. That’s a lot of money, I know.

No one has ever raised that much money for the fight to stop Agenda 21. And it won’t be easy to raise it. But it must be done to win this fight!

Here is my plan for how to do it – and how you can help me achieve it.

1. After you have watched the video for yourself, will you then set a day and time to invite at least five of your friends, associates and family into your home so that they may watch the video together? I call it a “Living Room Money Bomb.”

2. Explain to your guests that they are about to watch a video on Agenda 21. It will explain what it is and why it is so dangerous to them; some of the efforts that have made around the nation to fight it; and most important – the video will present a vital and effective new way to stop- Agenda 21. Tell them that I, Tom DeWeese, have been in this fight to stop Agenda 21 for more than 20 years.

3. Assemble your guest in front of the TV or computer. Let me, through the video, make the formal presentation. I will tell them my plan to defeat it – and I will make the appeal for the funds needed to carry out the plan.

4. After the video is finished, I ask you, the host of the event, to give the project your basic endorsement. Here is what you tell them: Remind them that I need $500,000 to fulfill the entire Stop Agenda 21 Action Plan. No one has ever raised that kind of money for the exclusive goal of stopping Agenda 21. My plan to train activists, education elected officials, put field coordinators in communities across the nation, produce extensive research to education the nation, and get on national news programs, is a plan that will smash Agenda 21 once and for all. This is the plan we have always needed in order to win.

5. Donations can be made on our web site by clicking here or on the donation button above. To mail in a donation make the check out to American Policy Center and send to 41 W. Lee Highway, Suite 59-196 Warrenton, VA 20186-2203, please include a note that you want these funds to be donated towards the proposed ‘Money Bomb’ budget. To make a donation over the phone call our office at (540) 341-8911.

6. There is no set amount to be raised at each Living Room Money Bomb, however as a goal, if you and 100 more loyal APC supporters will agree to host a Living Room Money Bomb in which your friends and neighbors will watch the video, and that each of these events will raise at least $5000, that will give me the $500,000 needed. Of course, not all will raise that much, but others will raise more. It’s a goal to shoot for.

7. Finally, once you have hosted your Living Room Money Bomb, then the next step is to ask your guests if each of them will also host their own Living Room Money Bomb.

In that way, the effort to raise the needed $500,000 will go on and on, from living room to living room.

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